Printing and Media Busines

Provides a wide range of sales promotion services for Aoyama trading Co., Ltd. and other retail companies such as distributing flyers and direct mail as a sales promotion support company.

Main business and stores

  • ASCON Co., Ltd.

ASCON Co., Ltd.

Management companyASCON Co., Ltd.
Business startedSeptember 1997 (Aoyama Trading Co., Ltd. made Ascon Co., Ltd. a subsidiary through a third party placement of shares.)
Paid-in-Capital720million yen(Investment ratio of the Company 56.1%)

Description of business

In this business, as a “sales promotion support company”, provides service to customs nationwide, mainly retail distributors. As another side, manage database business, cross media business, digital system consulting and planning and production of variety prints. This business supports Yofuku-no-Aoyama operations through sales promotion activities involving newspaper inset flyers and direct mail.

Net sales and Operationg income of Printing and Media Business