Total Repair Service Business

Operates and develops “Mister Minit” stores in the Asia Pacific region and provides consumers with comprehensive repair services including repair of shoes and key duplication.

Main business and stores



The company established in 1957 in Belgium and started its business in Japan since 1972. They offer shoe repairs and key cutting in the station or downtown. In recent years, they started offer bag or smart phone repairs to become “convenience store of service”, and aim to expand variety of service.

Management companyMinit Asia Pacific Co., Ltd.
Business startedDec 2015
Number of stores608 stores(included 257 domestic stores)
(As of the end of March 2023)
Store information
Paid-in-Capital100million yen(Investment ratio of the Company 100%)
Related information

Notice Regarding the Acquisition of Shares(100% ownership) in Minit Asia Pacific Co., Ltd.

Description of business

Under the brand of “Mister Minit”, the Company provides comprehensive repair services, including shoe repair and key duplication in Japan, Australia, and New Zealand, running over 600stores. The business supports by sharing shoe care items and distributing coupons of “Mister Minit” at “Yofuku-no-Aoyama” and “THE SUIT COMPANY”.

Net sales and Operationg income of Total Repair Service Business

Number of stores opened and closed and stores at the end of the year of the Total repair service business by each business format (As of the end of March 2023)

Region Mister Minit
Japan Oceania Others Total
Stores opened〔of which, relocated and reconstructed〕
(From April to March)
6 13 0 19
Stores closed
(From April to March)
27 3 0 30
Number of stores at the end of the year
(At the end of March)
257 317 34 608