Aoyama Reborn 2023Medium-Term Management Plan

The business environment surrounding the Group includes a structural decline in the working-age population and casual office wear, as well as digital business innovation, expansion of the EC market, simplification of ceremonial occasions, and increased awareness of sustainability. Due to this, it has changed significantly. In addition, the effects of the new coronavirus infection overlapped, and the impact was even greater.
We expect that this harsh business environment will continue even after the convergence of corona due to the spread of vaccination, etc., but even in such a harsh environment, the Group will be supported by customers and will achieve sustainable growth. In addition to the business wear business restructuring project that we have been working on so far, we will promote further reform and challenge of the business wear business along with structural reforms such as additional consolidation of unprofitable stores and solicitation for voluntary retirement.
For these reasons, the Group has formulated a three-year medium-term management plan, "Aoyama Reborn 2023," with the fiscal year ending March 2024 as the final year. As the Group's medium- to long-term vision, we will move away from the " top-down sales" that is biased toward suit and formal sales, and promote "Scrum management" in which each organization faces customers, becomes independent, and collaborates. By going on, we will aim for growth as a group.

Management vision of the medium-term management plan "Aoyama Reborn 2023"

1. Innovation and Challenge of Business Wear Business

  1. Maximizing LTV (lifetime value of customers) centered on rebranding
  2. Expansion of customer contact points through DX strategy (OMO strategy / digital infrastructure development)

Brand Purpose With rebranding measures centered on "becoming a company that provides parts that improve business performance," we aim to maximize LTV (lifetime value of customers) and plan new products and services that face our customers. At the same time, we will promote the OMO strategy by DX (Digital Transformation) and focus on expanding the number of customers (combined customers) who can mutually use real stores and EC.

2.Promote Group Management

  1. Strengthening group governance and collaboration within the group
  2. Priority allocation of management resources to growth fields

We will aim for the growth of the group business through scrum management through independence and collaboration facing customers, and will strengthen the management and supervision function of the group with a view to future ownership. In April 2021, the Real Estate Division was newly established for the purpose of promoting the effective utilization of owned and used assets, and the Risk Management Department was newly established for the purpose of strengthening risk and compliance, further strengthening group governance. I will plan.

3.Sustainability Initiatives

Strengthen ESG initiatives with an emphasis on SDGs, and at the end of March 2024, the final year of the medium-term management plan, (1) reduce CO2 emissions by 30% compared to the fiscal year ended March 2014, (2) female manager ratio of 10% or more, and (3) registered as Sedex. We aim to have more than 15 factories.

For details on the medium-term management plan "Aoyama Reborn 2023" please see the attached presentation materials.

Aoyama Reborn 2023(PDF 8.5MB)

Please see the presentation materials below for the past medium-term management plans.